Visitor Accessibility

Accessibility and wheelchair-friendly amenities are important considerations for individuals with mobility challenges. In Pender County, NC, efforts are made to ensure that visitors of all abilities can enjoy the attractions and facilities. Here are some aspects of accessibility in Pender County:
  1. Beaches: Some beaches in Pender County, such as Topsail Beach, provide wheelchair-accessible ramps and beach mats to make it easier for individuals using wheelchairs or mobility aids to access the sand and water.
  2. Parks and Trails: Many parks and nature trails in Pender County have accessible pathways and amenities. These may include paved trails, boardwalks, accessible parking spaces, and wheelchair-accessible restrooms.
  3. Attractions: Some attractions in Pender County, such as the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, strive to accommodate visitors with mobility challenges. They may offer accessible facilities, ramps, and designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities.
  4. Accommodations: Some hotels, vacation rentals, and lodging establishments in Pender County provide accessible rooms and amenities for guests with disabilities. It's recommended to inquire about specific accessibility features when booking accommodations.
  5. Transportation: Public transportation options in Pender County may vary in terms of accessibility. It's advisable to check with local transportation providers for information on accessible services and accommodations.
  6. Events and Festivals: Organizers of events and festivals in Pender County strive to make their venues and activities accessible to all attendees. This may include providing wheelchair-accessible entrances, seating areas, and restrooms.
  7. Local Resources: Visitors with specific accessibility needs can contact the Pender County Tourism Department or relevant attractions and facilities in advance to inquire about accessibility features, accommodations, and assistance options.
Overall, while accessibility features may vary among different venues and facilities in Pender County, efforts are made to ensure that visitors of all abilities can enjoy the attractions, natural beauty, and hospitality that the county has to offer.