The Pender County Tourism Development Authority

Our Mission

The Pender County Tourism office along with our Tourism Development Authority’s objective is to enhance and stimulate the economy of Pender County through the advancement of tourism activities within Pender County recognizing tourism as an economic base.

Our Goal

To advertise and promote such tourism activities to the extent that added tourism visitation will be generated to and within Pender County, and to enter all other endeavors purposed to the improvement of tourism as a segment of the total economy of Pender County.

About Our Pender County Tourism Development Authority

Our Pender County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) Board plays a large part of shaping the future of tourism throughout Pender County and within our vibrant communities! Our members of the TDA Board contribute their ideas, expertise, and passion for promoting Pender County as a premier destination for visitors.

The TDA Board plays a crucial role in developing and implementing strategies to enhance tourism, attract visitors, and support local businesses in Pender County. From showcasing our natural beauty and cultural heritage to highlighting our diverse attractions and events, the TDA works tirelessly to showcase all that Pender County has to offer.

The TDA Board collaborates with fellow board members, tourism professionals, and community stakeholders to:
Promote Tourism
Support Local Businesses
Enhance Visitor Experiences
Celebrate Our Heritage
Drive Economic Impact

Together we continue to grow and thrive as a premier destination for travelers and create lasting experiences for visitors from near and far.

Tourism includes accommodations, adventure and recreation, attractions, events, entertainment and conferences, food and beverage, tourism services, transportation, travel trade, and economic development.