The Surf City Expo

The Surf City Expo is an annual event held in Surf City, North Carolina, at the start of the tourist season. This expo serves as a showcase of local businesses, products, services, and attractions, offering visitors a unique opportunity to discover all that Surf City and its surrounding area have to offer. Here's what you might expect from the Surf City Expo:
  1. Local Businesses: The expo features a diverse array of local businesses, including shops, boutiques, restaurants, artisans, and service providers. Visitors can explore booths and exhibits showcasing products and services ranging from beachwear and souvenirs to handmade crafts, artwork, and more.
  2. Community Engagement: The Surf City Expo fosters community engagement and connection by bringing together residents, tourists, and businesses in a lively and festive atmosphere. It provides an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and support among local businesses and organizations.
  3. Entertainment and Activities: The expo often includes food trucks, games, or a craft for kids, there's always something fun and engaging happening at the Surf City Expo.
  4. Information and Resources: Visitors can gather information and resources about Surf City and the surrounding area, including tourist attractions, recreational activities, accommodations, and local events. Representatives from tourism agencies, chambers of commerce, and other organizations are often present to provide assistance and answer questions.
  5. Promotion of Local Culture and Tourism: The Surf City Expo promotes the unique culture, heritage, and attractions of Surf City and its surrounding communities. It highlights the town's coastal charm, outdoor recreation opportunities, culinary delights, and vibrant arts scene, encouraging visitors to explore and experience all that the area has to offer.
Overall, the Surf City Expo is a celebration of community spirit, local entrepreneurship, and coastal living. Whether you're a resident looking to support local businesses or a tourist seeking to discover the hidden gems of Surf City, the expo offers a fun and informative experience for all who attend.

The Surf City Expo is a fun family day full of local shopping and door prizes all in one place! The event will be held at the Surf City Community Center located at 201 Community Center Drive, Surf City, NC.