America’s regional 250th Anniversary celebration unveils marketing brands

CURRIE – Moores Creek Battleground Association in collaboration with regional partners unveiled the brands that will be used to market the year-long celebration of America’s independence in 2026.
“America’s 250th anniversary will kick off nationally at Moores Creek National Battlefield,” said Jim Buell, President of the Moores Creek Battleground Association. “Under one marketing brand, our partners will come together for a series of events highlighting the significance Southeastern North Carolina played in the Revolutionary War and the ongoing creation of our Nation.”
The brands were sponsored by Pender County Tourism and created by Ford Design Group of Wilmington.
The planning committee selected two brands. The circular brand may be used by all partners and the second brand, a banner style, can be personalized by all partners.
“We hope our partners will wave banners and use these regional brands as we celebrate the theme, Our Nation. Our Story,” said Buell.
“We’re telling the story of us,” said Tammy Proctor, a member of the A250 planning committee. “Not everyone in Southeastern North Carolina has forefathers who fought at the Bridge at Moores Creek, however, our families are Americans and we each have our stories about our heritage, our history.”
“We look forward to the celebration of us and commemoration of our nation’s journey to 250,” said Matthew Woods, Superintendent at Moores Creek National Battlefield. “Under these new marketing brands, we will unite to share our stories.”
The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, fought Feb. 27, 1776, was the first victory of colonists fighting for independence from British rule. The victory emboldened freedom fighters across the 13 colonies and led to the Halifax Resolves, resulting in North Carolina being the first colony to declare independence from British rule.
The mission of the Moores Creek Battleground Association is to commemorate and perpetuate the significance of the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge through public awareness, educational programs and events, promotion of patriotism, and support and partnership with the National Park Service. The association is the longest-serving support organization for the National Park Service, having been chartered in 1899. Moores Creek Battleground Association has its roots in an earlier memorial association formed in 1857.
For more information about sponsorships or volunteering with the Anniversary 250 committee contact the association at