Nature's Way Farm and Seafood, Pender County's only registered dairy

Nature’s Way Farm and Seafood is Pender County’s only registered dairy. Tucked off Sloop Point Loop Road, Nature’s Way Farm offers fresh goat cheese, feta, blue cheese, mozzarella, and a host of other products.

“Since I was a child I liked organic gardening and I always wanted animals,” said Tina Moller who owns Nature’s Way Farm and Seafood with her husband, Bill.

They also sell clams, oysters and shrimp, in season, as well as soap and honey.

“We sell as many as 10,000 clams wholesale per week,” said Tina.

Bill, the fisherman in the family, said the family business was primarily fresh seafood. However, over the years, their focus has shifted slightly.

“We send our cheese to a market in Wrightsville Beach, Tidal Creek, and three farmers’ markets,” said Tina.

From her garden and fruit orchards, Tina makes hot pepper jelly, blackberry, and pear jams

Tina purchased her first goats in 1986 when she wanted her own goat milk.

“Organic wasn’t as huge back then,” she said. “The recipes are my own through trial and error until I achieved the taste I thought was good.”

Tina’s soft goat cheeses won several state awards over the years. She said she doesn’t enter a lot of competitions these days. She spends her time caring for her goats.

Tina said happy goats make good milk.

“We believe in quality not quantity,” said Tina. “We have stayed small, and we milk 10 to 12 goats.”

Nature’s Way Farm and Seafood is unique to Pender County.

“There aren’t many small goat dairies and we’re the only registered dairy in Pender,” said Tina.

“All of our goats have names,” she said. “They’re a part of our family.”

Tina said families enjoy shopping at Nature’s Way Farm and Seafood, especially when it is time to feed the kids (babies) in the spring.

Nature’s Way Farm and Seafood is located at 115 Crystal Court. Their hours are Mondays through Thursdays from 12:30 to 5:30 and Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For special Sunday orders Tina suggests calling ahead. The telephone number is 910-270-3036.

For more information about Nature’s Way Farm and Seafood products visit them online at .