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  Saturday June 21, 2014

 (3rd Saturday in June)

  9:00 am – 9:00 pm

  Pender County Courthouse   Square, Burgaw, NC



Celebrate the historic, economic, and cultural significance of blueberries in the southeastern region of our state. Enjoy some of the area's finest entertainment and artisans nestled around the courthouse square. Antique cars line the streets of Burgaw; food vendor's delicacies will entice you; take home one of a kind arts and crafts and the Festival's main attraction ~ Blueberries! There are more than 20 events ranging from the street fair to a recipe contest, barbeque cook-off, a 5K run, special exhibits and more.  Fun for all ages.
For more information call: 910-259-2007 or visit: 


Pender County is the 2nd Largest Blueberry Producing County in North Carolina!!

Pender County is known for it's blueberries! Our soil is uniquely suited to growing delicious blueberries and we have been doing so since 1930. Today we rank 2nd in the state for blueberry production! Come and enjoy our beautiful blueberry farms, festival and food.

Bluefield F.R.M.F.P., Inc. Organic Blueberries
BlueField Blueberry Farm is the Wilmington area's only all ORGANIC certified blueberry field! We are conveniently located in Hampstead. We don't use ANY pesticides or artificial fertilizers! NONE, NADA, ZERO! Many "organic" products grown on large scale farms are allowed to use a percentage of pesticides and still be legally classified as "organic" NOT ON OUR FARM!!!! At BlueField you can spend time enjoying the serenity of nature while picking your own blueberries or for conveinence we always have plenty of our delicious blueberries sorted in containers ready for sale!
Located behind the “Welcome to Hampstead” sign on NC Hwy 210
West 1418 Hwy 210
Hampstead, NC 28443
Phone: 910-297-9956| Fax:

Farmer Mac's Blueberry Farm
Come out and see us for our delicious blueberries. Come pick your own with the family or get some that are pre picked and ready to go. Our harvest season is the last week of May until June 25.
184 Berry Patch Road  
Hampstead, NC 28443
Phone: 910-270-4618| Fax:

Murray Blueberry Farm
Operated by Ivanhoe Blueberry Farms; we have pre picked and packed blueberries in 5 lbs and 10 lbs or flats of berries, cakes, jam, and pies prepared for selling as well.
180 Murray-Turner Farm Road
3550 Ivanhoe Road Ivanhoe NC 28447
Burgaw, NC 28425
Phone: 910-259-4285, 910-532-2880| Fax:

Newberry's Blueberries
Southern High Bush pre picked and packed blueberries, small do it yourself, hands-on, perfect natural blueberry soil.
5387 NC Hwy 53 E
Burgaw, NC 28425
Phone: 910-259-7436, 910-262-4124| Fax:

Carol Sue Blueberry Farm
Visitors can enjoy U-PICK or pre-picked, and sit back and relax with some refreshing blueberry ice cream. We grow and sell strawberries as well. U-pick strawberries starting mid April. Blueberry season lasts through late June early July.
18055 Hwy 17
Hampstead, NC 28443
Phone: 910-520-6629| Fax:

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